What is Water for the World?

Run jointly by National Engineering Month (NEM), Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE), the Toronto Public Library (TPL) and Engineers Without Borders (EWB), the Water for the World (W4TW) program aims to educate students about issues surrounding global access to clean water.

During National Engineering Month, March 2017, we are planning 100 workshops and expect to reach 3000 students. Water for the World workshops are delivered to students in grades 5-9 by EWB volunteers who are engineers and social innovators. This interactive workshop is intended to educate, generate insightful discussion, and raise awareness about how we can all make a difference.

In the next 25 years, a third of the population will face severe water scarcity. With 20 percent of the world’s total freshwater resources and the longest marine coastline of any country in the world, Canada plays a pivotal role in managing global water resources. The next generation of Canadians must be well equipped to tackle the world’s water challenges. EWB aims to ignite a sense of pragmatism to develop systemic change leaders.

Interested in volunteering? Click the Volunteer Info button above, and find out how you can get involved and run a workshop!


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